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Experience the Magic of the Anguilla Summer Festival Carnival 2024

Dive into the Heart of Anguilla’s Vibrant Carnival

Imagine yourself surrounded by the pulsating rhythms of soca music, the dazzling colors of elaborate costumes, and the exhilarating sight of sleek boats racing across crystal-clear waters. This is not a dream but the reality of the Anguilla Summer Festival Carnival. This ten-day Caribbean extravaganza promises an unforgettable summer escape. Held from July 28 to August 5, 2024, this cultural celebration is the island’s biggest holiday, offering a whirlwind of parades, parties, boat races, and live music.

What is the Anguilla Summer Festival Carnival?

The Anguilla Summer Festival, also known as Anguilla Carnival, is the island’s most anticipated and celebrated event, even more cherished than Christmas by many locals. This year, the festival marks its 50th anniversary with an extravaganza that promises to be bigger and better than ever. From July 28 to August 5, 2024, the island will be buzzing with joyous parades, stunning costumes, exhilarating boat races, and non-stop parties that reflect the rich cultural heritage of Anguilla.

Where is it Taking Place?

Anguilla, a British overseas territory in the Caribbean, is the idyllic setting for this lively festival. The main festivities are held in various locations across the island:

  • Sandy Ground: Known for its stunning beach, Sandy Ground is the hub for boat races and beach parties.
  • Meads Bay: Another prime location for boat races and beachside events.
  • The Valley: The island’s capital, The Valley, is where you’ll find vibrant parades and many other cultural events.

Dates to Remember

The Anguilla Summer Festival runs from July 28 to August 5, 2024, with the celebrations peaking on August Monday (August 5), known as Emancipation Day. This day is the pinnacle of the carnival, with the very popular August Monday Boat Race and an array of non-stop festivities.

Must-Attend Events of the Anguilla Summer Festival Carnival 2024

The festival’s packed schedule ensures there’s never a dull moment. Here’s a snapshot of the highlights you won’t want to miss:

J’ouvert Morning – August 5, 2024

Kick off the celebrations with J’ouvert, a parade starting at 5 AM. Revelers gather in the predawn darkness to dance, drink, and celebrate along the streets from The Valley to Sandy Ground.

August Monday Beach Party and Boat Race – August 5, 2024

After J’ouvert, the fun continues with the August Monday Beach Party at Sandy Ground. The highlight of the carnival, this all-day event includes live music, delicious local food, and the crowd favorite August Monday Boat Race, which starts at 1 PM. The race, a cornerstone of the festival, sees boats from all over the island competing in a thrilling test of skill and endurance.

Grand Parade of Troupes – August 9, 2024

The streets of The Valley come alive with the Grand Parade of Troupes. This colorful procession features elaborately costumed dancers representing different villages, all vying for the title of Best Troupe. It’s a visual feast of color and dance that reflects the essence of the Anguilla carnival.

Seafood Festival – August 6, 2024

Held at Island Harbour, this festival features fresh seafood BBQs, live music, and another exciting boat race, offering a mini-Festival del Mar experience.

Miss Anguilla Pageant – August 7, 2024

The Miss Anguilla Pageant showcases the beauty, talent, and intelligence of the island’s young women vying for the title. The event includes a costume and swimsuit competition and culminates in the crowning of Miss Anguilla.

Poker Run – August 10, 2024

An all-day boating event that combines the excitement of a poker game with the thrill of a boating adventure. Participants stop at various beaches and bars around Anguilla, drawing a playing card at each stop. The aim is to have the best poker hand at the end of the run. 

Champions of Champions Boat Race – August 11, 2024

The festival concludes with the Champions of Champions Boat Race on Sunday, August 11. This grand finale features the best boats from the week’s races competing for ultimate bragging rights. It’s a fitting end to a spectacular week of festivities.

Where to Stay: Pure Anguilla Luxury at ViewFort Estate

After a day of revelry, retreat to the serene luxury of ViewFort Estate, nestled atop Crocus Hill, the highest point in Anguilla. Our fully serviced private villa blends historical charm with modern elegance, offering a unique vacation experience. With nine suites accommodating up to 22 guests, ViewFort Estate provides a perfect escape for those seeking tranquility and sophistication amidst the vibrancy of Anguilla Summer Festival Carnival 2024.

Why Stay at ViewFort Estate?

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  • Historical Elegance: Our villa’s 200-year-old structure is seamlessly integrated with modern design, adorned with treasured antiques and local art.
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  • Personalized Service: Experience exceptional service tailored to your preferences, ensuring a memorable stay.
  • Proximity to Anguilla Carnival Festivities: Conveniently located close to all the major carnival events, you’ll be able to join the celebrations with ease and quickly leave when your body says it’s time to rest. 

Pure Anguilla Summer Magic

The Anguilla Summer Festival Carnival is a celebration of culture, tradition, and community spirit. Whether you’re dancing in the J’ouvert parade, cheering on your favorite boat in the races, or savoring delicious local cuisine, every moment is an opportunity to connect with the vibrant spirit of Anguilla. Mark your calendar for July 28 to August 5, 2024, and get ready to create unforgettable memories on our beautiful island of Anguilla. And remember, for the balance of tranquility and vibrancy, make ViewFort Estate your home away from home. Your perfect summer escape awaits!

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