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Pure Anguilla

About Us

View Fort Estate’s profound appeal is divided into its three properties which its guests experience during their stay at the Estate.

Our Villa

View Fort Estate’s Main House and Villa Suites is a 5-star private luxury retreat majestically located on Anguilla’s highest peak (214 ft.) and opens up to the widest swathes of stunning and unparalleled 360 degree ocean views that only comes from being on the pinnacle of the island’s tallest bluff directly overlooking Crocus Bay beach. This property is unlike any other on the island as it harmoniously blends a lovingly preserved double-century aged portion of construction into the modern elegance of a Caribbean Estate home. The experience is authentic and represents a mix of regal and rustic with exquisite elements of luxury living that is “Pure Anguilla”.

View Fort Estate at Katouche

The Estate’s Owners, indigenous to the island, incorporate into their offering for their guests private access its 80 acre estate at Katouche, one of the island’s most beautiful and treasured cultural landmarks. Within walking distance from the Villa, Katouche has been dubbed as “one of the most diverse wildlife experiences on Anguilla”. This untouched landscape is wrapped in spectacular emerald rainforests and sapphire shallows. Katouche Bay offers both raw beauty and everything the active and adventurous traveler could desire - from leisurely guided hiking tours, or snorkeling at its white sand beach and azure waters, to active cave exploration down one of the deepest known areas on Anguilla (approximately 180 ft underground) while viewing fossils, stalactites, stalagmites and other unique rock formations along the way. The Estate presents fun and adventure and a very engaging experience unlike any other on the island.

View Fort at Little Bay

The trinity is complete with the guests easy access to Little Bay, the magical inlet which harbors the most iconic beach on the island. Little Bay represents Anguilla’s first marine park, a pristine beach protected by a horseshoe ring of ivory cliffs Travelers will discover a postcard-worthy panorama of azure waters lapping at an unspoiled shoreline, its serene seclusion allowing for unparalleled relaxation, snorkeling and swimming with often your only company being the pelicans. Indisputably, View Fort Estate delivers a rare amalgam of natural beauty, rich culture and a proud heritage in an atmosphere of unpretentious luxury that is clearly unique on Anguilla’s opulent shores.

The elegant, ecentric and effortless charm of an authentic Anguilla property centered around a 100 year old structure with its Main House and Villa suites located at the highest point of the island.

Dubbed as one of the most diverse wildlife experience on Anguilla, the Estate offers private access to your own 80 acre rainforest for hiking, caving and a full outdoors experience.

You will find a reason of your own why it is the most photographed beach in Anguilla. It our pleasure to be your guide and host in discovering this facet of our estate.

Meet The Team

View Fort Estate is a fully staffed property to ensure your comfort and relaxation.