Fun and Adventure

At View Fort there's so much to do.

There is so much to do during your stay on Anguilla. Apart from our Hiking and Caving Tours at Katouche let us help you organize some of our favourite recommendations

Power Boating Beach Hop

Power Boat Beach Hop along the coastline showcasing some of Anguilla’s best beaches, hop off and swim. Enjoy lunch at the idyllic Prickly Pear or Sandy Island

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Tiger Boating

Tiger Boating in a personal watercraft guided by a tour operator for loads of fun on the water

The Golf Club

Cuisin Art Gold Club!

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Scuba Diving

View many of Anguilla's Ship wreck sites

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Stand up Paddle Board

Hiking Trails through Katouche Valley and Beach

The trek through this forest-like environment that also passes through a cave and ends at one of Anguilla’s 36 pristine beaches – Katouche Bay - is fun and educational. It is the only nature forest of its kind on the island! Led by our experienced and knowledgeable Guide he will share information on the local flora and fauna, unique birds and the history of the caves that will leave you spellbound and invigorated! Visits are complimentary with your stay!

Little Bay

It is true that so many of Anguilla’s beaches are spectacular but you will never find one as beautiful and secluded in Anguilla. Accessible only by boat. Your 1st visit is on us and complimentary with your stay! Small boat shuttle cost for future visits.

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Pure Anguilla Festive Night

Let us share an Evening together as we showcase some of Anguilla’s local entertainment. As staff we may even surprise you with some hidden talents. A fun and engaging evening!

Katouche Cave Experience

Just as our Estate has you sitting on the pinnacle of the island at 214ft above sea level our Estate can also take you to the deepest known area on Anguilla – just about 180 ft below sea level!. Travel through a gently winding natural underground cave seeing fossils, stalactites, stalagmites, and enjoying natural rock features like “the Thinking Man’s Chair” “The Crystal Walk” and “The Air-conditioned Room” to name a few. Our Guide is experienced and knowledgeable. Visits are complimentary with your stay!

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Property Water Features

Let’s have fun! With a custom built pool that also gives seating to those who want to be where the action is but may not swim we have tried to please all. Our 2 custom jetted Jacuzzis connected by a wet deck all with spectacular ocean frontage together with outdoor speakers that have bluetooth capabilities lets you create the relaxed setting or pump the music and create your own party!

Spa Services

There is nothing like a massage under the coconut fronds or a therapist giving a pedicure on your balcony or early morning yoga or a trainer to push you on our spin bikes. These are just a few of the services that our Concierge can arrange for you during your stay.

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On Property Games

The beauty of our deep lawns is the opportunity to play on the outdoors. Volleyball, badminton, bean bag toss, Croquet or even Dominoes or other board games. Being on the outdoors is fun and staff is always ready to challenge our Guests!

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